Personal Photography Permit

Personal Photography Permit

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Photograph your wedding, engagement, anniversary, family portrait or other special event at the Distillery District with this official permit.
Choose the date and start time below; be sure to read the rules and Terms and Conditions. 

Photo permits are not available on weekends during the Toronto Christmas Market (Nov 15 – Dec 23, 2018) due to large crowds on site; please check the Events Calendar before booking and be aware that event staff or security may ask your party to move at any time.

You will receive an email confirmation confirming your purchase,

Permits must be picked up from:

All in the Wild Gallery 
18 Gristmill Lane | 416-601-9453 |
Permits can be picked up between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. every day. Please call the gallery to ensure times as our hours may change.

Your permit must be visible and available to show if requested, distillery security may request to see your permit at any time. Permits are available for pick up at any time after purchase. 

These permits allow pictures to be taken outdoors in public areas of The Distillery for four consecutive hours or less; no alternate rate is available for shorter periods.

Applicants are required to agree with the CONTRACT TERMS. Permits are non-refundable. IMPORTANT! Personal Photo Permits are valid for non-commercial photography only. Permit holder must be able to produce the permit if requested by Distillery staff or security.

The permit is valid only in the public areas of the Distillery District, and does not allow for photography inside shops, restaurants, entrance ways, exits, patios, or other businesses.

With this permit, you may have one (1) photographer, one (1) photographer's assistant, and handheld props or lighting/lighting aids. Drone operation in the Distillery District is strictly prohibited. You may shoot still or video footage for personal use only.

The Personal Photo Permit does not include portraits for professional use, student film or photo shoots, portfolio shoots, editorial, fashion, or commercial photography or filming, which are subject to different rates and conditions (please see below).

Please consult the Distillery District event calendar for information about events that may be occurring during your photo permit time slot.

Casual snapshots taken as memories, souvenirs, or for personal use may be taken at any time at no charge, however portraiture, photos for professional or semi-professional blogs or professional or semi-professional social media use, and any pictures taken for any kind of commercial require a permit in advance.

Please contact to reschedule in the event of inclement weather. For more information about commercial photo or film shoots, please contact Candace Shaw, Please note that this email address is monitored during regular office hours only.

By purchasing this Permit, you have agreed to the Distillery District's Terms and Conditions. The Distillery District is private property, and access can be revoked at any time.